To become a pioneer institute with expert in process instrumentation technology and its application in industrial parameters measurement, control, signal conditioning for process industry, medical, professional and socio economic growth with ethical and moral values
  To provide the studenTo competent applied electronics and instrumentation engineers with societal, environmental and human values through quality education, training and skill.
  Provide knowledge of basic science, applied mathematics, instrumentation skill and communicative skills to identify and solve problems related to Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Technology in Industry.
  To enable the students to acquire Modern Industrial parameter measurement and automatic control technology used for industrial automation and inculcate quality of leadership, mentorship & teamwork.


PEO-1 :
  To provide students with a solid foundation in basic science, electrical, electronics, instrumentation and interdisciplinary subjects that is necessary to excel in professional career, entrepreneur and/or higher education.
PEO-2 :
  To prepare students to meet the needs and face the challenges of real life as well as industry automation and digitalization in terms of technical, economical and social feasibility.
PEO-3 :
  To inculcate professionalism, communication skills, attitudes, team work, and to adapt to the current trends by engaging in lifelong learning.
PEO-4 :
  To utilize the skill in domestic, medical, industry and community for proper utilization of machine for measurement & control.